Self Healing Intelligent Ceramic Glass by Time2Shine Detailers
Time2Shine Self-Healing Intelligent Ceramic Glass applied to a car

Time2Shine Self-Healing Intelligent Ceramic Glass (SHIC)

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New Generation of Self-Healing Ceramic Glass

Unique characteristics of new generation ceramic glass:

  • ability to self heal small halos created by wiping with hard cloth or towels; activated in temperatures of approx. 50 Celsius degrees during servicing at Time2Shine Studio you can see how halos simply disappear from your coat;
  • ultimately thick layer of glass, even up to 3x to 5x thicker than a single coat of leading ceramic manufacturers;
  • high resistance to chemical abuse of paint with pH range from pH2 till pH12 ensuring the coat will protect paint from unwanted damages caused by tree resins or bird drops;
  • UV filter assuring the paint is not changing its colour under strong, tropical sun;
  • candy-like look of paint, wet-effect and tremendous boost of gloss of covered surface;
  • high hydrophobic & waterbedding effect, ensuring your vehicle stays clean longer and is much easier to maintain it clean;
  • unlikely silicone or wax coast, ceramic glass has huge temperature resistance, ranging from -40 C to +250 C degrees;
  • 9H hardness of coat ensures it can not be easily removed while washing, thus giving your car 2 years of protection with Time2Shine Warranty for coat.


Application & Service of Coat

SHICG is product requiring trained professional and controlled environment to apply and service the coat. Application by untrained people in high humidity, unfiltered air and improper temperature can lead to unwanted results.

Therefore coat is available only at Time2Shine network across country.

For booking and availability please refer to your local Time2Shine Studio (look for list of Studios here).

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