ADBL AIO (polisher & glazer)

ADBL AIO (polisher & glazer)

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All-in-one product. Removes old waxes and sealants, as well as oxidation and minor scratches. Hides swirls and nourishes paintwork. Provides excellent wet look and high gloss. Protects paintwork against bad weather conditions, UV rays and detergents. Manual and machine application.

Application by hand:

Apply a small amount of the ADBL AIO on a microfiber or cotton sponge. Rubbing it gently, distribute a thin layer on the varnish. After approx. 10 minutes, remove any excess with a high quality microfiber cloth. 

Application by machine:

Apply a small amount of the ADBL AIO on a polishing sponge. Work on small elements of approx. 40 x 40 centimetres. Afterwards, remove any residues by polishing the varnish with a high quality microfiber sponge.

Additional instructions:

  • The intensity of scratch removal may be controlled by selecting the appropriate sponge hardness.
  • For better protection, apply several coatings of the ADBL AIO.
  • After any machine application, apply an additional coating by hand to strengthen the droplet-effect.
  • Maximum level of water repellence is reached after complete hardening of the product, i.e. after approximately 24 hours.

Keep dry and cool.

Keep out of the direct sun reach.

How to use video tutorial: