ADBL Roller  D09125-01

ADBL Roller D09125-01

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ADBL ROLLER D09125-01’s small weight and compact construction let the user reach the places still not available for other, similar tools. It is possible to work with demanding elements, as bumpers or aerodynamics packages due to machine’s short head and firm body. 9 mm throw supported by reliable polishing components guarantee perfect paintwork treatment.

Extremely powerful engine and very effective speed control combined with Polish sets, cleaners or all in one products lead quickly to desired level of paint correction. The user is propped up by efficient Soft Start system, ergonomic design and long, elastic power cord while working long hours. The machine is technically failure-free through its well thought and validated construction confirmed in multistage and multicentre tests, conducted prior to rollout.


  • Maximal orbit – 9 mm
  • Diameter polishing pad – 125 mm
  • Diameter backing pad – 125 mm
  • Input power – 650W
  • Rounds per minute (rpm) – 2000 – 6400
  • Cord length – 5 m
  • Weight – 2 kg
  • Electronic speed control – YES
  • Soft start trigger – YES
  • Protection class – II
  • Operating voltage – 230 V / 50 Hz

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