Time2Shine Hydrophobic Shine Booster for Glass Coat

Time2Shine Hydrophobic Shine Booster for Ceramic Coat

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Boosts Shine! Grows Harder Ceramic! Protects Ceramic Glass!

Groundbreaking new product which can be used for

  • properly polished paint to boost the shine and give enormous level of water bedding and hydrophobic effect for 4-8 weeks or
  • new generation Time2Shine ceramic glass coats, where this product ensures to create denser network of ceramic glass crystals, thus giving you the highest quality of hard ceramic glass.
  • protecting the ceramic glass coats from acid rains, ensuring the ceramic glass is always shiny

When applied to a ceramic glass of Time2Shine, it ensures glass crystals of ceramic coat grow in proper speed and very fine quality

Additionally, our Shine Booster does excellent job on boosting shine and adding even more hydrophobic effect of all our ceramic glasses.

To be used only with Time2Shine Ceramic Glass products.

MRP Rs. 9,890